Josh is the Co-founder and CEO of the Gray Haven Project, a Richmond-based non-profit that is committed to providing hope, freedom, and opportunity to victims of human trafficking and slavery. He has spent the last 10 years exploring what it means to live a life engaging complex issues. He regularly writes and speaks on topics of leadership, justice, social impact, and faith. 

Joshua works with government agencies and non-profit organizations to address issues of trafficking and slavery in the United States. With a primary focus on the impact that systems have on oppressed populations, Joshua actively engages in complex conversations that bridge gaps between different groups and beliefs. He believes story and the art of listening can shift our collective understanding of one another and the issue's that impact communities.

Gray Haven Project is a leading non-profit in Virginia addressing issues of human trafficking and slavery and has formed an innovative approach to crisis intervention, survivor care, and community transformation. Gray Haven Project has an ultimate goal of creating communities free of any form of slavery and works with a diverse spectrum of people and organizations to that end. Gray Haven Project acts as a key access point for survivors to begin rebuilding their lives and works to ensure cycles of exploitation are broken permanently.


Allie is the owner of M Squared Creative, a small video production company based in Seattle, Washington. Her experience is in creating marketing videos for businesses, music videos, and wedding videos. However, at the heart of those experiences lies something deeper -- a desire to tell stories in a meaningful, honest way. Working with organizations that are addressing the needs of others is where her passion lies and Allie believes her work should make a difference.

In the past several years, she has been made aware of the sex-trafficking industry internationally and in her former town of Charlottesville, Virginia -- a small, but vibrant place that no one would expect trafficking to exist. It came to a point where she could no longer standby and do nothing. Something had to be done, and it just made sense to do the thing she is most passionate about -- telling stories through film. The idea of giving those a voice who wouldn't otherwise have one brings a whole new meaning to her work, and she is hopeful that survivors and others who watch this film will be inspired and strengthened by the stories of hope.



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